We’re working hard behind the scenes to make sure that we are open and safe. We want you to know that the well-being and safety of our guests and team is our absolute priority, and we’d like to assure you that we’re creating the safest environment possible in line with UK government advice. We’ve assessed every part of our offering; the spaces we provide, our team, the training given to them, our drinks and food and how we look after our guests. We are also having frequent health and safety assessments, as well as regular daily deep cleaning of the venue.  For a more comprehensive list of how we are working to keep you safe, please see below.

Working Practices - Sanitation of tables

In between every group, the table & chairs must be completely cleared & sanitised with approved chemicals

Working Practices - Bar Service

Whilst customers can order at the bar, they must stand in the clearly marked area. Guests can not loiter at the bar. Guests can not stay drinking at the bar. Staff must adhere to these rules as well. 

Working Practices - Training & key staff members

The member of staff who is working as host is well trained & confident in the role.The communication skills is key so that the queue of customers can be well controlled & customer understand the new operating procedures. All staff are trained on serving protocols & are confident & happy with the procedures


Hygiene - Staff Hygiene & Testing

All staff are tested daily. All staff undergo regular training and after serving every table, staff wash there hands before serving at the bar. PPE- Masks are not compulsory but servers may choose to wear one whilst serving table. Gloves- Gloves are not recommended for service as they can spread infections. A regime of regular handwashing is the option we encourage.